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Everyday hotel activities


Everyday we propose at least 1 activity in order for you to connect with other guests, learn new things, enjoy great local food, discover local culture...





Surfing classes from beginner to advanced.  Ask for a packet of information about local classes and beaches.



Hotel with nearby Beaches

  • Puerto Angelito
  • Manzanillo
  • Carrizalillo
  • Coral
  • Bacocho
  • Bahía principal
  • Marinero
  • Zicatela
  • La Punta

Turtle release


All year round you can take part in the fascinating life cycle of mexican turtles:

  • Nests of turtle eggs in season
  • Release baby turtles at Bacocho beach
  • Mazunte Observation Center: In this beach you can encounter seven differnt species of turtles found in the Pacific Ocean and the coast of Oaxaca.  The 40 minute tour shows what is being done to protect these turtles and their habitat.



See for yourself the fascinating experience of bioluminescence in the laguna of Manialtepec.



An unforgettable experience as you see your body glow in the dark.

Watching the Dolphins


One of the more beautiful excursions in Puerto Escondido is going to see the dolphins, turtles, and birds in their natural ocean habitat.  It is recommended that you make this tour in the morning for the best views.


If you have good luck, you will even see whales during the months of January and February.



Paddle surfing


Enjoy the view from a paddle board at Carrizalillo beach.




Here Liz is enjoying a skydive in Puerto Escondido with sensational views and perfect weather conditions. 

Spanish class

Did you know that Spanish is the official language of  21 countries and that currently more than 25 milliom people learn this language? Learn Spanish and profound your knowledge in Mexican and Latin American culture.

We prepare our students for real life situations and wealso adapt to their needs. Our lessons have a cultural approach and our syllabus is based on the Common European Framework.

Don´t miss the opportunity to learn anew language and to be part of a new culture.

Join our Café de Lenguas, every Thursday at 7.30 pm. Talk, practice and improve your spanish with locals from Puerto Escondido.

- Nearby to Puerto Escondido -

Beaches to explore!


We are strategically located near bus and other transports for a day trip to:

  • Mazunte
  • San Agustinillo
  • Zipolite
  • Puerto Ángel
  • Bays and beaches of Huatulco

Ventanilla Nature Reserve



Ventanilla is a nature reserve with a beautiful beach, a lagoon, and a variety of plants and wildlife. You can encounter crocodiles, green iguanas, monkey spiders, deer, wild boar,  racoons,  squirrels and much, much more.




To arrive at Lake Chacahua, take a boat from Zapotal village.


Chacahua is a nature reserve with a large lake and a beautiful beach.  Crocodiles, migratory birds, ducks, herons, and pelicans are found here among other animals.


Hot springs


A horseback tour that crosses the Manialtepec river surrounded by beautiful vegetation and a great variety of birds arriving at Atotonilco where you will find the hot springs.


If you choose to go in the afternoon, you have the opportunity to see fireflies light up your return.  


Waterfall in la Reforma


A beautiful trip to explore the mountains, the plants, and the wildlife, where you will have the opportunity to view many birds native to the area and migratory birds as well.


You can swim in the crystal-clear waters of the well-known waterfall in la Reforma.



Zipline in San Juan Lachao



Enjoy the indescribable exhilaration and spectacular views as you descend through the trees from as high as 325 feet (100 meters).