Best beachs in Puerto Escondido


Manzanillo beach


It is a small beach located 700 meters from Losodeli. It is surrounded by vegetation, bars and seafood restaurants, which allows you to always have shade and tranquility. It is inside a bay, which protects it from the Pacific swell and makes it one of the favorite beaches of the local people. In it you can swim and snorkel without complications. In its eastern limit there is a coral wall where you can see a wide variety of marine fauna of the Pacific Ocean: fish such as the Moro Idol, Piglets, Coffer Fish or; also octopuses, rays and turtles.

It is one of the jewels of Puerto Escondido. Don't leave without enjoying a day there!

Extra fact, in Google Maps there is an error, since Manzanillo appears with the name of Carrizalillo.



Puerto Angelito beach


 It is the sister beach of Manzanillo, as they are located one in front of the other. It is one of the favorite places of the local people. It is a calm beach where you can enjoy seafood and fish just steps from the sea, since its entire coast is full of restaurants offering local recipes of coastal products.   In Puerto Angelito you will always find boat tours. The boatmen offer tours along the beaches of Puerto Escondido and also sightings of the diverse and beautiful marine fauna that lives on the coast of the Mexican Pacific Ocean: turtles, whales, dolphins are the top stars of this sea.

It is a tradition for the boatmen to shout for help to move their boats. So if they ask for help, give them a hand to move the boat.

It is located 700 meters from Losodeli.



Carrizalillo beach 


It is a beautiful beach, famous for being a good place to take surfing lessons and get started in the sport. It is also a good place to enjoy a michelada or a margarita in the bars that occupy its coast. To access it you must go down a steep staircase, but it is definitely worth it. At every step Carrizalillo is seen little by little, timidly, showing its beauty with subtlety. Already at sea level, emerging from the vegetation, the bay opens to the eyes and offers surf lessons and bars as well.

It is a jewel of Puerto Escondido, not to be missed. If you want to enjoy it without many people, it is important to go in the mornings on non-weekend days.

It is very close to Losodeli, in the Rinconada sector, 1.1 kilometers from Losodeli.



Coral Beach


It is a beach of difficult access, but very beautiful. Being a complicated place to reach it is visited by few people. This gives it an air of a secret beach. It is located 1.7 kilometers from Losodeli. The public access to the beach was destroyed during hurricane Paulina in 1997, so if you want to access it for free it is necessary to enter through Playa Bacocho. In order to go down directly, the Hotel Villa Mexicana offers a fee of 80 pesos at the beach club in addition to the direct entrance. The beach club is an old place, not very well maintained, but it maintains a nostalgic atmosphere. Playa Coral has many shady spots thanks to trees and palm trees. It is recommended to swim right in front of the beach club, which is where there are no rocks on the seabed. It is a medium sized beach worth visiting, either paying for direct access or making the hike from Bacocho. Don't miss it!



Playa Principal


It is a beach of calm waters where you can swim, located 1 kilometer from Losodeli. It is the place where Puerto Escondido originated. The closest street to the Main Bay is the Adoquín, a historic street full of stores and restaurants. In the Main Bay there are many options where to eat seafood, or where to drink quietly under the protection of the umbrellas and in the comfort of the lounge chairs. In the mornings you will find fishermen returning from the sea to sell fresh fish.

Legend has it that a Mixtec woman was kidnapped by pirates commanded by Andrew Drake. The woman managed to escape and hid in the vegetation surrounding the Main Bay and they were never able to find her. Hence the original name given to the bay: "La Escondida". That name derived in Puerto Escondido, since in the Main Bay was where the coffee that came from the mountains was shipped, which was the main economic activity in the first years of the town.



Bacocho Beach


Bacocho is a beach with choppy waters. Depending on the day it is recommended to swim or not. It is located 2.6 kilometers from Losodeli. It is wide and in it, besides having fun in the sea, you can do sand sports. At its entrance there is a public palapa that allows you to enjoy the shade and the cool breeze free of charge. You can also pay for the various beach clubs, which charge an entrance fee. Bacocho is the access to Coral Beach, since they are separated by only a few rocks. On this beach there is also a turtle conservation center, where you can pay every day to release baby turtles.



Zicatela Beach


Surfing beach par excellence, Zicatela made Puerto Escondido known in the international surfing universe. Famous worldwide for the energy of its waves, it is considered one of the best beaches on the planet for expert level surfers. Several surfing competitions are held there throughout the year. But Zicatela not only offers waves, it is a wide beach where you can do different types of sand sports. The whole beach is full of bars and restaurants that during the day face the sea and as soon as the sun goes down they become the epicenter of the nightlife in the whole sector of Puerto Escondido. Bars and clubs for all tastes, with different styles and types of music. The busy Morro Avenue also offers diverse options for eating, drinking, listening to music and dancing.

Zicatela is located 2.5 kilometers from Losodeli, between La Punta and the Main Bay.

It is not recommended for swimming because of the strong waves.



La Punta beach


It is the most touristic beach in Puerto Escondido. Very popular among people from all over the world to start surfing and also for medium level surfers. Sunsets are the time when everyone wants to be in La Punta, the beach is full of people to see how the sun hides behind the Pacific Ocean. At night it is a place of bars and restaurants, its main street is Alejandro Cardenas Peralta, and offers a good range of cuisine from various parts of the world. It is located 6.4 kilometers from Losodeli and the best and easiest way to get there is to take a cab for 50 pesos.