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Coworking in
Puerto Escondido

Fiber-optic & Starlink

Free Coffee & Water

Pool & Rooftop Access

Private Meeting Rooms

Coworking Passes  💻

Picture yourself surfing in the morning, savoring a nutritious breakfast, and then working in the garden by the pool with like-minded digital nomads, all while enjoying life and lightning-fast fiber-optic and Starlink internet.

Why cowork with us?

Working in a coworking space offers numerous benefits. Here are some reasons why working in Losodeli coworking space can be advantageous.

Beautiful Common Areas

Enjoy our pool surrounded by a tropical garden. Set up your laptop with a view of the ocean on our rooftop. Or, brainstorm big ideas under a shady tree. Our common areas are clean and quiet - a perfect balance of peace and productivity.

"I find value in a healthy balance, coming here is great because I work well, eat well, read, and even socialize if i feel like it!"


Open 7 Days 24 Hours

Having access to our 24/7 coworking space allows you to work on your own schedule and maximize your productivity. Ideal if you work with teams or clients in different time zones, schedule meetings, communicate, and work on projects without time constraints.

"I have to connect after 12 pm to my work because of the time zone difference. The connection at Losodeli is incredible. I can work without any issues at any time."

Optic Fiber & Starlink Internet

Despite Puerto Escondido's reputation for having poor internet connectivity, here at Losodeli,  we have a stable connection all year round. We have fiber optic and Starlink backup, ensuring that you will be able to work continuously without interruptions. 

"Very sociable space to meet people from all over the world. It also has a very good internet connection for those who work remotely. Perfect for digital nomads!"

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Digital Nomad Community

Boosted creativity and motivation: The diverse community and dynamic atmosphere in coworking spaces can ignite creativity and boost motivation. Interacting with professionals from different industries and backgrounds can expose you to new perspectives, ideas, and solutions. 

"I Iove making connections here, I always learn something from the people around me"

New Workspaces 🙌🏼

Dear Coworkers! We are happy to present our new workspaces. The Meeting Room is ideal for meetings for up to 8 attendees and our new Cabins are ideal for greater privacy. Adding to our already classic spaces: garden, palapa, coworking, and our ocean view rooftop. Remember! We have fiber optic connection and Starlink backup, we cowork 24/7 and we are the digital community of Puerto Escondido!


Casa Losodeli with Coworking

Prolongación de 2da. Norte s/n

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca 71980


+52 954 111 7827 

Click here to WhatsApp

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